Stormtrooper Helmet


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Flowers have been a joy for us for centuries. Their colors and their scents have inspired artists and romantics throughout the ages. I am no different, I love to surround myself with flowers. I love to paint them.

We are a beginning website. You may notice that some things do not work very well yet or do not look so great yet. For instance you will see this same description on every flowers painting. We are working on that but meanwhile we would really appreciate it a lot if you could let us know if something doesn’t work properly. You can do this through our contact form. If you find a bug we haven’t noticed yet we will give you credits for it. Credits, when you have enough of them, could earn you one of Hai’s beautiful flowers paintings!

We currently have not fully checked making payments on our site. We also have not yet done any shipping and progress reporting to our clients about the shipping. If you are willing to help us as testers of the above we would also very much appreciate this. Please keep in mind we’re a very small company with very limited resources and anything you can do to help us will be rewarded kindly, maybe even with a flowers painting.

This website is currently being developed by 3DN.

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